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Photo Gallery | 44th Chick-Fil-A Bowl highlights leadership, community

With weeklong activities leading up to Saturday’s historic Auburn 43-24 win over Virginia at the Georgia Dome; Chick Fil-A Bowl players engaged in both community and leadership building with hospital visits to Egleston and Scottish Rite, friendly team challenges, and relatable words from civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis following a visit to the Martin Luther King Center.  With leadership fresh in mind, Auburn’s quarterback Barrett Trotter effectively steered the 'favored to win' team to a triumphant victory. Having assumed the role once held by Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, Trotter impressively transitioned from “bench-to-MVP” passing for 175 yards and completing 11 of 18 passes during the game. As the nation’s oldest ACC vs. SEC rivalry bowl, Chick-Fila-A Bowl set record selling to capacity for the 15th consecutive year and contributing $1.3 million to charities and educational institutions.