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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS | Passion 2012 in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- Passion 2012, a Christian Conference at the Georgia World Congress Center has drawn 42,000 students from all 50 states and 30 countries.

VIDEO | 'Passion 2012' unites 42,000 college students

The week began with all the students donating new towels and socks for Atlanta's homeless, but that was just the beginning. This year the focus is on freeing the enslaved people around the world.

"There's 27 million slaves in the world today, that's men women and children forced to work," said Bryson Vogeltanz with Passion 2012. "The sex trafficking issue is here in Atlanta and all over the world."

In lines that snaked down the hallways of the Georgia World Congress Center, students waited their turn to give their own money that will go toward organizations working to prevent, rescue and restore those who've suffered.

The goal was a million dollars.

Remember, many a college student has been known to search beneath couch cushions for burger change. Not this week. By 3:30 Wednesday afternoon the goal had already been reached with thousands still in line to give.

Outside, a 103 foot tall hand, a symbol of freedom,  is covered with items typically made by forced or slave labor - soccer balls and Christmas ornaments. Students write messages of hope that will be placed on the hand.