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Photo Gallery | Homecoming queen wins homecoming game with field goal

PINCKNEY, Mich. (GNS) -- Friday's Pinckney homecoming was unlike any other in the school's history.

For starters, the homecoming queen was in uniform – a football uniform.

Then, a short time after learning of her election, Brianna Amat kicked the field goal that proved to be the difference as the Pirates football team pulled off its biggest win in more than a decade, a 9-7 victory over Grand Blanc.

On Saturday morning, Amat was inside the commons area of Pinckney Community High School, leading the effort to decorate the school in preparation for the school's homecoming dance.

She admitted that she hadn't really had time to think about the night before all that much.

"I don't think it's hit me yet," she said, smiling.

'The best foot' in the high school

Pinckney football coach Dan Burkholder freely admitted he doesn't have much knowledge about kicking.

So, when Joel Lindblade, who coaches both Pinckney varsity soccer teams, told him last year about Pat O'Brien, Burkholder took him on as the team's kicker.

"He mentioned to me (over the winter) that he had another player," Burkholder said. "According to Joel, Bri has a more natural kicking swing. In her words, she had the best foot in the school."

"In January, he asked me if I wanted to try it," Amat said. "In the beginning, I thought it was kind of a joke. I didn't think they were actually going to let me do it."

Once the girls soccer season was over in the spring, Amat went out to the new Pinckney football field with Burkholder to attempt kicking for real.

"I was going to have her kick an extra point," Burkholder recalled Saturday, "and I pulled out a tee and she said, 'What's that?' "

Amat plays on defense for the Pinckney soccer team and has taken corner kicks and free kicks, where the ball is placed on the grass. Same approach as in football, same leg swing, but with no tee, which is used in high school football.

"We had the 2-inch tee (used in high school), and she didn't like it," Burkholder said. "So, she uses a 1-inch tee, which is what they use in college. She actually would prefer to kick off the ground, but the tee is for our holder to know where to put the ball exactly for her."