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More Downtown Street Closures this Weekend

More Downtown Street Closures this Weekend

Atlanta, GA--  (submitted by Department of Public Works)

On January 21, 2011 Mitchell Street between Forsyth Street and Spring Street will be closed starting at 7 pm and will reopen on January 22, 2011 by 5am.

The parking lane on the Southside of Mitchell Street will be closed starting at 7am January 21, 2011.  A lane will also be closed on Spring Street and Forsyth Street.

Nelson Street between Forsyth Street and Spring Street will be closed January 21 until January 22.



Dionne E. Benton

City of Atlanta

Department of Public Works

Office of Transportation

55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 4900

404-330-6501 office

404-546-8681 fax


Missing Reflectors Another Cost of Historic Snow Storm

Missing Reflectors Another Cost of Historic Snow Storm

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Department of Transportation and others are reflecting on yet another costly byproduct of last week's winter storm.

Along a three block stretch of Peachtree Street, 11Alive News found dozens of reflectors, broken and dislodged. The reflectors are commonly help motorists traveling at night, serving as a guide to separate lanes.

Plows and scrapers used to rid Metro Atlanta streets of snow and ice damaged and dislodged many of the reflectors.

Motorists like would like to see them replaced.

"Very important, especially at nighttime," said Monte Tucker. "I didn't really think to look that that would be an issue, but obviously it is."

The Georgia DOT says it's a costly yet common byproduct of a snow storm and the snow plows that follow. The agency says there are quite a few now missing from their spots on local streets, as well as Georgia interstates.

20 years of Atlanta's "Voice for Better Biking"

20 years of Atlanta's "Voice for Better Biking"

Atlanta, GA--  (submitted by Atlanta Bicycle Coalition)

2011 marks our 20th anniversary as "Your Voice for Better Biking." For two decades, we've worked to shift the bicycling landscape of our city to represent the growing number of everyday people who are using a bicycle for transportation, fitness, and/or recreation.

We're still a long way from where we want to be, but with the help of countless members, volunteers, staff, and partners, we continue to pave the way to a bike-friendly Atlanta.

Over the years we've had our wins (bikes on MARTA, bike parking during and after the 1996 Olympics, the Connect Atlanta Plan, Atlanta Streets Alive) and our losses (traffic calming projects that replaced formerly bikable space with curb extensions, most notably).

The Roads are Open; We Have Your Traffic Information at 11Alive.com

All the roads in Metro Atlanta are open today. You need to pack a huge load of patience while you get going though. There are many delays out there. For details on particular routes, check http://11alive.com/traffic.


The left lanes have ice in them. Stay out of those left lanes. Assume that all overpasses have ice on them; many have glaze ice that you will not be able to see until you are on them.

ALL of the on and off ramps have ice in them. Approach them slowly and carefully. If you speed onto an offramp or try to turn suddenly, you will slide and crash.


All have some ice on them. Most with three lanes ordinarily are down to two; most with two lanes regularly, are down to one lane.

Atlanta's Department of Public Works says they are Ready for the Snow on Sunday...

Atlanta's Department of Public Works says they are Ready for the Snow on Sunday...

Atlatna, GA--  Snow is the forecast for Sunday night into Monday, and 11Alive has been on the case asking the city if they are ready for the snow and how do they intend to respond to the ice.

The Department of Public Works  says that they "seek to maintain access in the immediate vicinity of emergency facilities such as hospitals, police stations and emergency shelters."  Of course, these areas can not be the only routes that take priority.  Thousands of residents will be on the roads and Public Works has acquired 6 sand trucks to distribute over 300 tons of sand to the city's 200 centerline miles. (which includes 40 bridges)

Priority routes are consistent with the functional street classification hierarchy which is based on the volume of traffic served and the connectivity provided:

  • first priority routes reflect major arterial  streets;  (e.g.

It Takes a Village to Change a Tire

It Takes a Village to Change a Tire

Changing a tire is typically a pretty simple task. But when Commuter Dude producer Eve Chen experienced a flat in the 11Alive parking lot, staffers would find out things aren't always as easy as they seem.



PARKAtlanta Parking Tickets are NOT Affected by Court Mandated Ticket Amnesty

Atlanta, GA--  In response to a computer virus impacting the City of Atlanta’s Municipal Court systems this summer, unpaid parking tickets issued by the Atlanta Police Department from July 17 to September 14, 2010 are granted amnesty for late fees if paid by December 31, 2010.  

This order does NOT apply to parking tickets issued by PARKatlanta. Tickets issued electronically by PARKatlanta’s enforcement personnel were not affected and PARKatlanta’s payment systems have been and are functioning properly.