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CRCT Investigation Report: Gideons Elementary School | Schools

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CRCT Investigation Report: Gideons Elementary School
CRCT Investigation Report: Gideons Elementary School

Gideons Elementary School
897 Welch Street
Principal: Armstead Salters
Testing Coordinator: Sheridan Rogers
SRT-2 Executive Director: Michael Pitts

ATLANTA -- More than 88 percent of classrooms at Gideons Elementary School cheated on the 2009 CRCT, according to a report released Tuesday by the Governor's Investigative Team.

Several teachers admitted to cheating at the instruction of principal Armstead Salters and testing coordinator Sheridan Rogers. The teachers testified that Salters and Rogers provided them with CRCT booklets and answer key transparencies, and new teachers were instructed to "go see Ms. Rogers and check your tests" as soon as they were "trusted to be brought into the cheating scheme." (60)

While not every teacher was party to the cheating, "the scheme was an open secret at Gideons Elementary."

Teacher Oliver Banks admitted to changing answers on the 2008 and 2009 CRCT and testified that Salters told a group of teachers, "If anyone asks you anything about this just tell them you don't know. You did not. Stick with it." (61)

Another teacher, Bernadine Macon, confessed to changing students' answers at her home in Douglas County. (62) One weekend, a group of teachers took their answers sheets to Macon's house for a "changing party."

When questioned by investigators, Rogers admitted that she distributed CRCT booklets and answer sheets after Salters told her to do so. (63) Salters denied telling Rogers to cheat but admitted that he knew the cheating was happening.

At one point, former APS superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall met with Salters, who claimed not to know if cheating was happening at Gideons. Hall told investigators "she did not believe teachers in APS cheated." (64)

Ten Gideons teachers, including Banks and Macon, were found guilty of cheating by the investigation. The Governor's team also concluded that Salters and Rogers spearheaded schoolwide cheating initiatives.

The Gideons Elementary website currently lists Betty Wagner as interim principal.

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