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CRCT Investigation Report: Capitol View Elementary School | Schools

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CRCT Investigation Report: Capitol View Elementary School
CRCT Investigation Report: Capitol View Elementary School

Capitol View Elementary School
1442 Metropolitan Parkway
Principal: Arlene Snowden
Testing Coordinator: Trennis Harvey
SRT-2 Executive Director: Michael Pitts

ATLANTA -- The investigation into Atlanta Public Schools concluded that CRCT cheating occurred at Capitol View Elementary School in 2009.

Nearly 71 percent of the school's classrooms were flagged for "wrong to right erasures" in 2009; only six other Atlanta schools had higher percentages. (252)

Principal Arlene Snowden explained the erasures as teaching strategies, as Capitol View encourages children to check their work when they finish a test. "Did cheating happen?" she asked. "I don't know, I didn't do it, I know that . . . [but I] can't make anyone do anything unless I have a gun to their heads; adults are going to be adults."

Tiffany Kelley, a teacher at the school, claimed that teachers did not have enough time during the test period to change so many answers. (253)

Another teacher, April Gomez-McMillian, said that Snowden placed pressure on the faculty to help students achieve high CRCT scores. Teacher Michael Ross claimed that APS "is unfair to children" and that he attempted to get extra help for students who did not qualify for it, despite struggling in the classroom, because their scores were too high. (254)

A paraprofessional named Michelle Redwine testified that Snowden fudged attendance records and that the accurate records had been lost.

The investigation concluded that Snowden not only falsified student attendance, but "failed to properly monitor the 2009 CRCT and adequately supervise testing activities and test security." (256)

Wanda Harmon is now interim principal of Capitol View Elementary, according to the school's website.

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