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7 named to Deal's immigration review board

7 named to Deal's immigration review board

ATLANTA -- Seven people have been appointed to a newly created board to look into complaints about state and local officials failing to comply with state laws related to immigration.

The Immigration Enforcement Review Board was created by the state's tough new law targeting illegal immigration.

Appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal are Americans for Immigration Control spokesman Phil Kent, former Fulton County GOP chairman Shawn Hanley and lawyer Ben Vinson. Appointed by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle are Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin and Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager. Appointed by House Speaker David Ralston are lawyer Robert Mumford and Colquitt County Commissioner Terry Clark.

The board will have the power to investigate complaints, hold hearings, subpoena documents and witnesses, and take disciplinary action.

Dick Gregory arrested while protesting for BP oilspill victims with Atlantans and activist in DC

Dick Gregory arrested while protesting for BP oilspill victims with Atlantans and activist in DC

Washington, DC (September 2, 2011) - Comedian and activist Dick Gregory said that he was prepared to go to jail today –and he did—protesting at a rally earlier in DC with supporters, some from Atlanta , for compensation to more than 10,000 poor and underserved BP oilspill victims.

“BP ain’t seen nothing yet," Gregory said standing with Operation People for Peace at the office door of government-appointed BP victim fund administrator, Ken Feinberg on Pennsylvania Ave.

Gregory said that that the group was there to let Feinberg know that people would not continue to sit idle, while receiving nothing. 

Operation People for Peace charges that Feinberg, who oversees more than $20 biliion in funds intended for BP oilspill victims, has not upheld any promises to respond to claimants, who are predominantly African American after more than a year following the catastrophic oilspill that ravaged the Gulf-Coast region.

Operation People for Peace, whose membe

LOCAL PROFILE: Clayton County Commission Chairman, Eldrin Bell

JONESBORO, Ga. -- Eldrin Bell is a local legend in Atlanta local law enforcement and politics.

Recently, the Where U Live spoke with him about his history in Atlanta and his current position in Clayton County.

DOWNTOWN: Presidential hopeful Hermain Cain returns to Atlanta

DOWNTOWN: Presidential hopeful Hermain Cain returns to Atlanta

ATLANTA -- Georgia's own Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain made a campaign swing through the Georgia Capitol.

Cain shook hands with lawmakers Wednesday, the final day of a special session of the Legislature to deal with redistricting. Though the former radio show host and ex-Godfather's Pizza CEO is trailing in the polls nationally among Republicans seeking the nomination for president, Cain proved he's a hometown favorite, finishing first over the weekend in the Georgia Republican Party straw poll.

On Wednesday, he called the results a "tremendous vote of confidence." He said his supporters are a loyal bunch who "don't defect."

Greeted with cheers and applause, Cain told the Senate he was running for president because he "felt compelled to be another person to try and make a difference."

The General Assembly has welcomed all presidential candidates to stop by. Jon Huntsman visited the Georgia House last week.

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

ATLANTA -- With Georgia's unemployment rate remaining in double digits, 11Alive journalists are busy digging into three programs that promised to create jobs.

One of them is the federal stimulus program.

According to the state's Stimulus Accountability website, the federal government has granted Georgia approximately $3.2 billion in stimulus funds. Georgia's unemployment rate was around 8.8 percent just prior to the start of the stimulus program. Two years later, unemployment has risen to the current rate of 10.1 percent.

Where are the stimulus jobs?

In Paulding County, the stimulus program is getting mixed reviews.

Paulding County has received approximately $46 million in federal stimulus funds. The unemployment rate there was 6 percent in 2008 before the stimulus program. Unemployment in Paulding has risen to its current rate of 10.6 percent.

City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory

City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development and the Office of Parks has conducted the first comprehensive inventory of the city’s publicly-owned downtown trees.  The inventory included an assessment of the trees along streets, boulevards, parks, and public spaces in the downtown area.  The tree inventory will provide information about the species, size, quality, and condition of public trees in downtown Atlanta. 

Information from the inventory will help establish management priorities by:

  • identifying trees that need to be pruned or removed,
  • revealing any systemic problems with pests or disease,
  • identifying the distribution of tree species with size, height, and other characteristics, and
  • providing an up-to-date report on the overall condition of the trees. 

The inventory identified locations with sufficient space for planting trees, aiding in future planting efforts. 

Don’t Pass Up Neighborhood Stabilization Program Properties

Don’t Pass Up Neighborhood Stabilization Program Properties

Personally having the opportunity to walk inside several upgraded and renovated Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) homes in the City of Atlanta, one thing is clear to me.  The properties are phenomenal.  Everything inside is new (if it’s not, it certainly is in great condition).  Fresh paint.  Stainless steel appliances. Hardwood floors (in some units) or new carpets.  Fenced-in back yards and/or covered front porches.  These are just a few of the upgrades attracting buyers to the City.  But renters have a great selection of upgraded units too.  Some have granite counters and other amenities I just mentioned.  NSP properties are a great choice for singles, families and college grads who want to live in the City.  If you are in the market to buy and you want to live in the City, I would not pass up the opportunities NSP offers you.