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Experts: DFCS report showed Emani Moss was in danger | News

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Experts: DFCS report showed Emani Moss was in danger

ATLANTA -- 11Alive News showed the DFCS case file from Emani Moss' death to two different experts. 

One is a former DFCS manager, who asked to remain anonymous. The other a former special court advocate for kids, who once sat on the Child Fatality Review Board. 

For them, the black ink of the redactions could not hide the real story in this case. That's because it's a story that they have seen again and again and again over the years. 

It shows a family in crisis and a child in danger. 

Years before Emani's death, police were called, and an arrest was made. There were suspicions of molestation, neglect, emotional abuse. 

And finally, on November 2nd, the epitaph: The child's death. Yet another in a series of unmitigated failures of a DFCS system designed to protect children like Emani. 

This is what our experts say saw in the report.

Former DFCS Manager: 

"You're seeing things escalate you're seeing things build back up. There are enough red flags there to think you would need to intervene." 

"You've already had a substantiated case of physical abuse; then you get a report where the child's been physically abused again and it's screened out."

Bridgette Bradley, Founder Adoption Discovery: 

"Different people are reporting (to DFCS). It's not one family calling over and over again. It's school people that are mandated reporters; it's people that are qualified to make that decision. They're looking at the child and saying there is a problem." 

"The first call (to DFCS) might have been a little iffy, but (not) the second call. Certainly not the 3rd, 4th, or 5th. That's Russian roulette with a child's life."



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