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Rolling Stone: Phillips Arena No. 9 music venue in America | News

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Rolling Stone: Phillips Arena No. 9 music venue in America

ATLANTA -- Rolling Stone magazine thinks Atlanta's Philips Arena really rocks.

The music mag joined StubHub to rank the best arenas and stadiums in America and put Philips Arena at No. 9.

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Rolling Stone Writes:

"When billionaire Ted Turner, owner of the Hawks, opened the $213 million arena in 1999, it immediately transformed Atlanta's bland downtown and midtown areas. Giant business headquarters, revitalized parks and upscale restaurants opened in the surrounding areas, in addition to the arena's Hawk Walk, an entertainment-and-shopping zone that includes TV shows in every direction and basketball-shooting games. As for rock concerts, Elton John's sold-out show christened the arena in 1999, and U2, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Prince and Taylor Swift have followed. Why was it called Philips, and not Turner, Arena? Because the electronics giant paid $268 million for the naming rights. Turner sold it after five years."

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Last year, the Atlanta arena, which is home to the Atlanta Hawks, was ranked third for entertainment venues by industry publication Pollstar magazine.


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