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Morris Brown: History is not for sale | News

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Morris Brown: History is not for sale

ATLANTA -- Even when it comes to building a new stadium for the Falcons, there's a renewed push from the historic Morris Brown College.

History is not for sale, its supporters say.  

Sunday evening, there was a rally at the school just before it heads to bankruptcy court. 

On the eve of filing its restructuring plan, alumni of Morris Brown College rallied on campus, holding out hope the school can be saved, and the campus kept intact. 

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Morris Brown has just a few dozen students and faculty after losing accreditation a decade ago.  It's currently $30 million in debt. 

At the same time, there is talk that Friendship Baptist Church wants to buy the Middleton Tower dormitory and relocate there. The church has a tentative deal with the city to move, making room for the new Falcons stadium. 

Morris Brown alumni Chuck Barlow said, "I have no opposition to the Falcons building a stadium, to the churches. We're here in support of Morris Brown College and just want to make sure this is sacred ground." 

It was revealed in bankruptcy court that a local company, Pope & Land Enterprises wants to buy parts of Morris Brown for $12 - $13 million.  It's the same company that developed One Atlantic Plaza, but there's no guarantee that company won't turn around and sell the Middleton Towers to Friendship Baptist Church. 

Some say that might be the best thing, and this latest plea to save the college is simply too little too late. 

"Atlanta is bigger that just one university," Falcons fan Raymon Jackson said. "It's about growth."