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Good Samaritan soldiers help save car wreck victim | News

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Good Samaritan soldiers help save car wreck victim

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Nearby residents say the intersection at North Avenue and Central Park in Midtown is notorious for the number of wrecks that occur there.

"This street in general is one of the worst in Atlanta," said neighbor David Hexton. "I don't know what needs to be done by every other week there's an accident."

Hexton has lived in the area for three years. And from his window he's seen more than his share accidents. The latest was this past Monday.

"I heard a boom, and I'm like another car accident," said Hexton, who took video of the scene. "So I look outside; there was a bus that stopped right in front of my place that was full of kids. I looked behind it there's a fender on the road and a smashed up car."

Several of the students and the bus driver complained of what appeared to be minor injuries. But the driver of the car was worse off and was trapped in the vehicle.

"I went to see the actual smashed car, and there were some military personnel. They ripped open the door, talked to the lady for a few minutes to make sure she was stable and got her out of the car."

While other motorists continued to drive past the wreck without stopping, the soldier Samaritans focused on getting the driver out of her car and out of traffic to safety.
Minutes later emergency personnel show up as well and take over rendering aid.

"Oh, my God it was amazing," said Hexton, recalling the incident. "It was amazing."

11Alive has been in touch with one of the soldiers, and we hope to have an update later.


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