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Falcons: seat licenses start at $500, up to $45,000 | News

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Falcons: seat licenses start at $500, up to $45,000

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Falcons say the cheapest season ticket seat in their new stadium will be $500 – and that's the cost before you actually buy the ticket. The Falcons are selling personal seat licenses, or PSLs, to help pay for the new stadium. They also unveiled a new sales center Tuesday, in a high-rent neighborhood in Buckhead.

Season ticket holders will purchase PSLs, then pay for the actual tickets separately during each football season. The Falcons haven't unveiled a price structure yet for the tickets.

The Buckhead office is where they're selling high-dollar seats in a new stadium that they call incomparable to what fans have experienced before.

"This stadium is not the Georgia Dome," said Falcons president Rich McKay. "So you're not comparing apples to apples from the standpoint of (seat) location, from the standpoint of amenities or anything like it."

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The Falcons have already been busily selling its premium seats. Those PSLs cost as much as $45,000 – which, for a family of four would cost $180,000, or the price of a middle-of-the line Lamborghini.

"Who would pay that much money for that?" asked an incredulous Mark Christian of Dallas TX, visiting the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta.

It's a price structure that some football fans find a bit jarring.

"Five hundred dollars being the minimum? To get season tickets? That's a lot of money," said Vernon Boyd of Tallahassee, also visiting the Hall of Fame.

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But the Falcons say they are offering prices and financing to make some PSLs more affordable.

"I'm super excited," said Cheryl Thomas, who was visiting the Falcons Preview Center Tuesday. She's been a season ticket holder for 10 years. She expects to buy PSLs closer to the $500 per seat range.

"My seats are great. Prices are a little more than I thought they would be," Thomas said. "But no it's not going to be that difficult" to afford them.

The Falcons says they've sold 54% of their club seats at prices ranging from $10,000 to $45,000. The new stadium is due to open for the 2017 NFL season.

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