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Georgians join nationwide gun rally | News

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Georgians join nationwide gun rally

Atlanta- As the Obama administration makes a push toward tighter gun control measures, opponents are organizing. All over the country at noon Saturday, they gathered at state capitols to be heard. The gold dome drew several hundred.

This was not a crowd in the mood for a compromise.

"Criminals are going to have high capacity magazines no matter what," said Scott Evans. "Are we not supposed to use them to defend ourselves? This is just one more step, one more compromise they want us to make, we've compromised enough."

As a compromise he cited the illegality of fully automatic machine-gun style weapons. Others said even that was too far.

"If the person can afford to buy a cannon let them buy themselves a cannon," said Danny Raburn, who drove up from Tifton to hold a rifle as he rallied.

As in any crowd, viewpoints varied. Some said they were fearful the Obama administration would overturn the Supreme Court in order to confiscate their weapons. Others said that wasn't a legitimate fear, but gun control rules would only continue to lead to even tighter restrictions.

"And if the second amendment doesn't stand as it's written, then the other ones won't have any longevity either," said Christian Stevens of Canton.


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