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Celebs dazzle Dragon*Con fans at Walk of Fame | News

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Celebs dazzle Dragon*Con fans at Walk of Fame

ATLANTA -- Dragon*Con's Walk of Fame allowed for fans to meet their favorite sci-fi celebrities, take photos and get autographs during a meet and greet on Saturday afternoon at the Hilton.

At the Walk of Fame, each celebrity set up with managers at booths. Lines were formed for each fan to get a minute or two with each celebrity. Actors from television and movies, voice actors and authors were all in the Hilton's Grand Ballroom.

PHOTOS | Dragon*Con 2012 Walk of Fame

Some of the favorites, according to fans outside were Billy Boyd of "Lord of the Rings," HBO's "True Blood" cast, actor Richard Dean Anderson and actress Gillian Anderson.

According to Dragon*Con, Inc., Richard Dean Anderson was a part of the soap opera "General Hospital" beginning in 1976, played MacGyver in the 1980's television show, acted in "Legend" and was the show's executive producer in the 1990's. Anderson has also appeared in "Stargate SG-1," "Stargate: Atlantis" and "SGU Stargate Universe."

Anderson's assistant, Paul Brown said, "Richard's first impression was overwhelming in sheer magnitude and size. We readjusted. From Richard's perspective, he's really enjoying it and the variety of costumes."

Gillian Anderson was signing autographs next to Richard Dean Anderson. She has won an Emmy Award, Golden Globe, and two Screen Actors Guild awards for "Best Actress in a Drama Series," according to Dragon*Con, Inc.

Also among celebrity guests to Dragon*Con was Dean Cain, American actor in "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Spiderman." In 1993, Cain took on the role as Clark Kent/Superman for four seasons.

Tembi Locke also greeted at Dragon*Con's Walk of Fame. She said she did not have as much sci-fi knowledge as many of the fans, but was enjoying her time. Locke has appeared in a number of television shows including "The Mentalist," "CSI: NY," "Friends," "Bones" and "Windfall."

Dragon*Con attendee Lydia Walker was thrilled to have Adam Baldwin of Fox's drama series, "The Inside" to sing to her. He sang a couple lines from the song, "Lydia" from the 1990's. She also got to meet Billy Boyd and get his autograph.

"He was good to say hello although they meet so many fans, " she said. "They make you feel that they're happy to meet you."

Niall Matter was a favorite for Aileen Atwood of Atlanta. She was a huge fan of "Eureka" television series that just completed its final season.

"He's gorgeous and adorable, and I look forward to future shows which he plays in," Atwood said.


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