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People protest bus route changes | Education

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People protest bus route changes

ATLANTA -- Monday afternoon parents of Atlanta Public School students will take their complaints about changed bus routes directly to the school board itself. 

Parents say a change that took effect this year puts their children directly at risk. 

As part of this year's redistricting, the system now enforces a long-standing rule that requires elementary students, who live within a mile of school and older kids within a mile and a half, to walk to school. 

The district says it consolidated bus routes and eliminated others to become more efficient and save money. 

Residents of some neighborhoods says the policy means their children have to walk by boarded-up homes and other houses  where known sex offenders live. 

School leaders will make exceptions to the walk-zone limits on a case-by-case basis.

The district says new students continued to register through last week, and that caused some bus routes to change. 

The district says affected families should have been notified.

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