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Super Kids Save the World at Children’s Museum of Atlanta | Arts & Culture

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Super Kids Save the World at Children’s Museum of Atlanta
Super Kids Save the World at Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The newest feature exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is soaring into town to give families the power to “go green!” Super Kids Save the World, an educational traveling exhibit designed with “green” materials and practices, will be featured in Atlanta February 7 through May 3 to teach children the importance of practicing eco-friendly habits in the community.

Super Kids Save the Word is sure to be a family favorite as our next featured exhibit,” said Jane Turner, executive director of The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. “It's the ordinary, day-to-day tasks that really make a difference when caring for the environment, and that is exactly what this exhibit demonstrates for both children and parents. Plus, the hands-on components, engaging activities and focus on pretend play directly align with our museum’s mission to spark imagination and inspire discovery for children.”

This exhibit is based off the British children’s book “George Saves the World by Lunchtime,” which was written by Jo Readman and illustrated by Ley Honor Roberts. In the story, an ordinary family saves the world throughout the course of their day – simply by making responsible, eco-friendly choices. The book was developed by the Eden Project, an educational charity located in Cornwall, England, which is dedicated to showing the importance of taking care of our world.

Bringing scenes from the book to life, the Super Kids Save the World exhibit features immersive environments where children can learn about “green” practices in their community and gives them real superhero training starting with the four R's: Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Recycle. Through a variety of engaging activities, fun graphics and energy-saving tips, children can don a cape and boots to become an energy-saving superhero.

Exhibit activities include pedaling a bike to light up a city street, visiting a farmer’s market, dressing up at the Re-use Charity Shop, making science discoveries about alternative energy sources in the research lab, tearing up old newspapers for a bunny hutch, decorating cards using leftover wrapping paper and other reusable supplies and more. By following simple steps demonstrated in the exhibit, children will feel empowered to protect the Earth and its resources to become good stewards of the environment.

There are seven exhibit components for Super Kids Save the World: House, Garden, Re-use Charity Shop, Farmer’s Market, Recycle Center, Reduce Fuel Station and Research Lab.



·         Take the Super Kid pledge to protect the world!

·         Don a super hero cape made from a recycled tablecloth

·         Dress a life-sized cut-out figure to decide which children’s clothes go to the Re-Use Charity Shop

·         Repair a broken toy car so it can be played with again

·         Prepare and pack a healthy lunch with re-usable containers



·         Pick fresh vegetables in the garden to take to the market

·         Turn the compost pile with a garden rake

·         Create bedding for the bunny cage from torn newspaper

·         Save energy by hanging clothes on a clothesline


Re-use Charity Shop

·         Try on fun, funky clothes and see the result in many mirrors!

·         Produce greeting cards from a wide variety of recycled materials

·         Play music on record players, radios and cassette recorders

·         Arrange the display windows with interesting re-used items

·         Create a missing puzzle piece so the puzzle can be sold

·         Make new clothes for a paper doll


Farmer’s Market

·         Sell fruits and vegetables in a local outdoor market

·         Pick apples from a special tree

·         Arrange baked goods, cheese and bread for sale under a colorful awning

·         Ride a bike to generate energy to power a streetlight!


Recycle Center

·         Take on the role of workers in a recycle center

·         Wear a hard hat and safety vest

·         Drive a recycling truck

·         Sort trash onto a conveyor belt system

·         Play a rapid-paced computer game to see who can sort recycled materials the fastest!


Reduce Fuel Station

·         Explore the red convertible Smart Car

·         Fill the tank with bio-fuel

·         Clean the windshield with a homemade and safe cleaning product

·         Climb through a tire tunnel made from tires ready to be recycled


Research Lab

·         Play a virtual algae game to speed up bio-fuel production

·         Pump algae water through a photo-reactor

·         Use a microscope to identify algae from other microorganism

·         Turn a hand crank generator to experience the difference between incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs

·         Operate the levers to learn about solar power


Entrance to the exhibit is included in each regular admission to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Admission for ages 1 – 100 is $12.75 (+tax). Children under one are free.