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Technology Expert’s Warning to Parents: Do You Know What Your Child is Doing Online? | Crime

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Technology Expert’s Warning to Parents: Do You Know What Your Child is Doing Online?
Crime, Families, Schools
Technology Expert’s Warning to Parents: Do You Know What Your Child is Doing Online?

TANKOH Launches Mommy & Me Computers

In today’s global and virtual world, the need for parents to have full control over their child’s online activity has become a high necessity as compared to previous decades. With children as young as three years of age being increasingly savvy with technology, parents need to protect their families from becoming a statistic of online predators.  According to reports, three in ten victims of online child predator cases appear to be aged 6 and under – with five percent apparently younger than two years of age which runs parallel to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) report, a division in charge of  closing illegal internet content. More than three quarters of these child victims are girls. Most parents have busy schedules trying to keep up with the current economy and may not have time to closely monitor their child’s online activity.

A survey conducted by TANKOH, an Atlanta-based IT Management company, in 2009 proves that most parents with teens are worried about online dating activities, taking into account the most recent happenings of the “Craigslist killer”. Today most children and teens meet new friends and partners online; however most of these individuals turn out to be vicious in nature. In this survey of over 1000 single mothers and parents, it was revealed parents are in deep need of computer technology that can help protect their children and deliver guaranteed safe content even in their absence. To answer this growing concern, TANKOH has created one of the first-line of computers specifically designed to help parents.  TANKOH’s signature computer package, Mommy & Me was created to help parents protect their children from various online dangers like child pornography, online sex offenders, child bullying, online vicious games and adult rated material. It also helps control and manages the access children have to networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

Phil Temb, senior IT consultant at TANKOH explains, “Consider this scenario, a single mother is downstairs cleaning while her kids are online upstairs accessing adult rated content unintentionally, say by Googling ‘boody’ instead of ‘body’ - an honest mistake. Looking at both words, one generates adult content while the other does not.” What if there was computer technology that could block the content and at the same time send an email or text to the parents instantly notifying them that their child just tried to access adult rated materials?  “Well, those technologies now exist and our customers think it’s pretty cool,” says Temb.

Potential risks to children being Internet savvy are they also become emotionally vulnerable. Children are using the Internet for schoolwork, playing games, email, instant messaging, chat rooms, downloading music, shopping, and entering contests.  Children are likely to know more about the Internet than their parents. More than fifty percent of the computer repairs handled by TANKOH over the past three years were due to inappropriate interactions with children on the Internet. “This resulted in viruses, spyware and even led to Identity Theft of many of our customer’s information. And in many cases, we found nude pictures of children which their parents were not aware of,” Temb shares.

With Mommy & Me computer package, you don’t have to worry about those dangers because you’ll know at all times what your child has access to online and what they’re downloading. If you think this package is not for you, then consider this:

  • According to the child safety protection agency young girls mostly between the ages of 9-13are sexually approached online by adult males over 30 years of age.


  • Teenage girls are more prone to make nude videos or pictures of themselves and store it on computers with viruses and hackers which are easily accessible and posted on websites for exploitation.


  • Going to sites like YouTube, according to a privacy group, teenage girls post sexually explicit striptease dances for people to view and according to YouTube over 300,000 videos have been removed because many of these girls were found to be between 12-16 years of age.

To purchase your own Mommy & Me computer package, please visit http://www.tankoh.com/ or call 877-477-7267. For over eight years, TANKOH has been providing affordable technology services to businesses and residents in the Atlanta-metro area with onsite support services and recovery and repair services for individuals and their families. A manufacturer of new, top-quality computers that rival Apple™, Dell™, and HP™, TANKOH has new computers available with holiday pricing along with other promotions.

Crime, Families, Schools