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GA Tech Flexes There Brain Muscles, as 1 of their Own is World's Top Innovator | Business

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GA Tech Flexes There Brain Muscles, as 1 of their Own is World's Top Innovator
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Atlanta, GA--Technology Review magazine recently announced that it was selecting Assistant Professor Nick Feamster of the School of Computer Science as one of the worlds top innovators under the age of 35 for his research in computer networks. 

300 nominees were judged by an elite group of experts and the editorial staff of Technololgy Review magazine, culminating in the TR35 list of young innovators who "exemplify the spirit of innovation."  The work of this talented group spans the world of medicine, computing, communications, nanotechnology, and more.

"I am extremely honored to be recognized with a TR35 award," said Feamster, who runs the Network Operations and Internet Security (NOISE) Lab in the School of Computer Science. "I owe much of the credit for this award to my graduate students, all of whom work tirelessly on this problem and many others related to improving the availability and security of communications networks."

Feamster's research focuses on network operations with an emphasis on network security. One of his most important projects is an email spam filter called "SNARE" (Spatio-temporal Network-level Automated Reputation Engine). The main idea behind SNARE-and the key insight behind his research in spam filtering-is that spammers have different sending behavior than legitimate senders. Therefore, filters can distinguish spammers from legitimate senders by examining their sending behavior (i.e., how they send traffic), rather than what is in the messages themselves.

Feamster makes the third College of Computing faculty member to receive TR35 recognition, joining assistant professors Karen Liu (2007) and Andrea Thomaz (2009), both in the School of Interactive Computing. Feamster and his fellow 2010 winners will be featured in the September/October issue of Technology Review. In addition, the EmTech@MIT 2010 Conference, to be held Sept. 21-23 at MIT, will honor the winners with a dedicated awards ceremony and in a series of "Meet the TR35" presentations.

Additional information about past and present TR35 winners and judges is available at www.technologyreview.com/tr35/. For more information about EmTech@MIT 2010 please visit: http://www.technologyreview.com/emtech.

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