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Casting Call for 2 upcoming Hollywood productions

Casting Call for 2 upcoming Hollywood productions

ALL types are welcome, all ethnicities but the following types are especially needed:

Bikers (motorcycle), dive bar patrons, country and western bar patrons, skid row and prisoner types, business (men and women) & mall goers.

What would you do with $500M?

What would you do with $500M?

ATLANTA -- We're still reeling over the Georgia Lottery's announcement that Friday's Mega Millions jackpot has reached a record $500 million.

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And it got us thinking -- what would you do with the money if you won? Half a billion dollars is almost unfathomable -- do you know what you'd do with all that money?

Drug testing for welfare recipients passes Senate

Drug testing for welfare recipients passes Senate

ATLANTA -- The Senate has approved the House version of a measure that would require recipients of welfare benefits to submit to drug testing.

The bill passed 36-15 in the Senate with amendments. The House must approve those changes before its heads to Gov. Nathan Deal's desk for his signature.

Exemptions for mandatory drug testing will be made for individuals who are considered by the Department of Human Services to be significantly impaired due to a physical, mental or developmental disability. In addition, persons enrolled in a Medicaid enhanced primary care case management program will also be exempt from this requirement.

Screening results will remain confidential and exempt from public records law. It remains unclear exactly how much money a testing program would cost.

Senate OKs overhaul of Ga. criminal justice system

ATLANTA -- With strong bipartisan support, the Georgia Senate has approved the proposed overhaul of Georgia's criminal justice system.

The Senate voted 51-0 Tuesday in favor of the legislation - which also has the approval of major stakeholders, including Gov. Nathan Deal - with some tweaks. The House must now approve those changes before the bill heads to Deal for his signature.

The governor has touted criminal justice reform as a move that will save tax dollars, improve the state's rehabilitation rate and keep Georgians safe. The bill also raised the monetary threshold for most theft crimes, divided burglaries into three categories, addressed mandatory reporting requirements for suspected child abuse, provided restrictions for who can access a jobseeker's criminal record and shortened how long suspects being held in probation detention centers.

Bill would tweak Georgia illegal immigration law

ATLANTA -- A provision of a bill before the Georgia Legislature that would have barred illegal immigrants from state colleges, universities and technical schools has been taken out.

The bill's author, Sen. Barry Loudermilk, said the bill wasn't moving in the House with that language. The Cassville Republican said Tuesday the bill's other provisions were important enough that he said he wouldn't object to striking the higher education provisions to get the bill to the House floor.

The bill still makes some changes to the identification requirements for applicants for public benefits, loosening some and tightening others.

If it passes, it will have to go back to the Senate since it has been changed by the House.

Lawmakers approve $39B budget

ATLANTA -- Georgia lawmakers have approved a $39.5 billion budget plan for the coming financial year that earmarks roughly $100 million in last-minute money for infrastructure.

House and Senate lawmakers voted Tuesday to approve the spending plan for the financial year starting in July. It now heads to Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

Under the plan, Georgia would spend roughly $39.5 billion in state and federal money to fund its operations. That includes $19.4 billion of money generated by the state.

Georgia is still collecting billions of dollars less in funding compared to before the recent recession.

The compromise plan adopted by the House and Senate would use about $100 million from a mortgage fraud settlement to pay for infrastructure and other perks meant to lure employers and new jobs.